It might just work. Or then again it might not.

I'm going to run around like a mad bat today and order my family to do the same in the hope that we can get all our holiday prepartations done. We've got a small list of things to do outside the house, and a big list of things to do inside the house.

I'm hoping that if we spend today working hard then we can spend tomorrow just getting groceries in the morning and be done. I'm hoping that this will mean that all tomorrow afternoon and most of the 24th we can spend doing fun things, Christmassy type things – as a family.

I'm trying to explain this to my kids and hubby, but they can't seem to get past the 'run around like crazy today' part. I think they get the 'finish up the shopping and wrapping' speech but they don't like the sound of the general cleaning up, doing laundry, washing bathrooms, dusting and vacuuming the house part.


I'll let you know if anyone is still talking to me on Christmas.

5 thoughts on “It might just work. Or then again it might not.

  1. That is what I will be doing tomorrow… finishing up. Some shopping still (ugh!) and cleaning. The goal is to be able to relax and have a fun day with my girls (and hopefully hubby if he can be home!)… Hopefully, it won’t be in vain or some futile effort on my part.
    Good luck on your end!


  2. This afternoon is the last trip to Walmart of the Christmas season for us. Of course I thought that was last week but of course I forgot stuff 🙂
    Good luck getting it all done — it will be worth it on Christmas Eve night!!


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