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Oh the weather outside is frightful…

We're getting 20cm of snow, and we've got blinding 40 km/h winds. Everything is closed or canceled.

Yes, it's winter in Toronto.

As I look out my office window the snow is falling sideways.

It's a good day for making lists of what we still need to do for the holidays and for doing uh, laundry.

Okay, maybe we need to bake some cookies and put on a Christmas movie too.

At least we still have power.

Ack. Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

For those of you down south? Send me some warmth.


11 thoughts on “Oh the weather outside is frightful…

  1. We seem to be getting the same thing here. Lots of snow. We are watching iChristmas from iCarly, have already made cookies and I am going to start on my lists as soon as I finish surfing! Lock down and chill out, and enjoy your snow day.


  2. I prefer snow over rain – it’s so beautiful (though I prefer not to have to go out in it, unless it’s to play! *smile!*) But we’re stuck with rain for now…I’ll send you some warmth if you’ll send me some snow, ‘k? 😉


  3. i swear, and i don’t want to sound poopy about the spirit of snow, but seriously i am losing patience with the “i wish we had snow people”. i am too old for the cold. haha, there’s a post in there. too old for the cold but not wanting to be a baby i will wait until february to do it. leanne, great holiday wishes to you and the family. take care and have a fun one.


  4. The local paper referred to this week’s series of storms as “Snow-meggedon”. 2 of 3 local road out of town are closed because of whiteouts today. The one that is open does not go where I need to go. I only live an hour west of you and we’ve had snow on the ground since the middle of November – It’s Canada – snow happens!!


  5. I was out in a tank top today.
    I’ll send you some warm from Texas if you’ll send me a little of that snowy stuff. Can’t remember the last time I saw some of that for real.


  6. So I guess I shouldn’t tell you that we had temps in the 70’s today down here? I honestly could not imagine that much snow. One inch down here shuts everything down, but we don’t have snow plows or any of those helpful things. 😉


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