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Gone Shopping

I can't blog today. I have to shop and tidy and then I'm taking the kids into Toronto to see this.


I'll post a better picture after I get one tonight.

 My kids want to take the train into the city too. That should be fun but I can't help but think that I worked really hard in my youth to save for a car so we could avoid public transportation. Ah well, it's Christmas.

Oh, and for those of you who were asking after yesterday's post – the cat is fine (we have another hole in the drywall), the tree is up (and tied with a string to the wall) and there is peace in TiredMama's family again.

Happy days…

3 thoughts on “Gone Shopping

  1. That’s some tree! I hope you have a lovely trip.
    Isn’t it strange how parenting always turns out differently than you thought?! There you were thinking having a car was great, but your kids prefer public transportation! Go figure.
    Because I certainly can’t figure it out…


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