So, what did I do tonight?

Earlier this evening I decided my family should decorate the Christmas tree. The renovation is almost over and our tree has been in the stand for a few days so I decided we would all have a nice family evening decorating the tree. 

Let me set the scene – I was baking cookies and we had holiday music on. All the kids were helping, it was nice - very nice. 

Everything was going well with the decorating until, about half an hour ago, the tree FELL OVER. I have no idea why it fell, but it's a flippin’ big tree and it smashed right over on hubby and eldest daughter.

Hubby was not happy and he yelled at our eldest daughter who, being a teen girl, marched off in a huff.

Since we had already put quite a few ornaments on the tree before it fell we now have broken glass and water all over the new family room hardwood floor.

I, being a good mama, told my younger children to get on some slippers while I cleaned up the glass. 

When my youngest daughter told me that she didn't have slippers that fit, I decided to go quickly upstairs to the freezing cold attic and go through the Christmas presents and pull out the slippers I had intended to give her for Christmas. I figured giving them to her a few days early wouldn't hurt and I wanted something on her feet while I was cleaning up the broken glass.

But as I was hurrying up to the attic our STUPID cat/kitten decided to bounce around me and run off into the depths of the unfinished part of the upstairs. When I yelled at him he dove under the unfinished floor boards and the last thing I heard was him bouncing down into the lower floors of the house behind the dry wall.


So, now the cat is missing, the younger kids are hysterical, my favorite tree ornament is broken, eldest daughter is in a snit and hubby is mad at me because I'm trying to find the cat instead of helping clean up the tree mess.


How are your holiday preparations going?

13 thoughts on “Arrrgh!

  1. Oh man, at times like that you just want to go crawl into bed, but the pillow over your head, and let the world sort itself out on its own.
    Hope things have gotten better since you posted this…


  2. Dear Tired Mama,
    Hang in there, it will all be worth it if you can remember it.
    Congratulations, so far, you are not the biggest WHINER that I have come across this holiday season. Unfortunately there is no prize but keep up the good work.
    My book, Thou Shalt Not Whine was just Voted The #1 Best Book to be given Anonymously. As you know, this is really a great year for whiners.
    So if any of your readers are looking for a Christmas gift for that someone special, this is it!
    No Whine in 2009, however Wine is just fine!
    January Jones


  3. Wow. As awful as that must be, I start to hear keystone cops music in my head with the images slightly faster than normal speed….
    Our preps? Pretty much halted and non-existing right now… sigh. Hang in there! You will all laugh about this next year when things go nearly perfectly! 🙂


  4. Oh Shit,
    You guys definitely need a drink this weekend ! That happened to us the last time we put a tree up and Simba climbed the tree and it fell over breaking everything. Water everywhere.
    No wonder tired papa was shovelling snow like a banshee this morning.
    Bottle is already tagged – Tired Mama and Tired Papa.


  5. Thanks for sharing. At least your bloggy friends can benefit from your family trauma. Mine are going somewhat like yours but without the renovation or the cat in the wall. And with the tree closely guarded because it went over last year.


  6. I hope everything got cleaned up and the cat came out of the wall. We did a renovation a few years ago and I have to admit, we kind of missed Christmas that year. Santa brought us a teeny, tiny tree and presents and that was it for our decorations. It will all be a traumatizing memory in a few months.


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