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Tis the Season for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Today was the school bake sale.

Our school's grade eight class has one every year to raise money to help pay for their graduation dinner.

Since my eldest daughter is in grade eight we were more involved in the bake sale this year than we have been in the past.

I baked chocolate chip cookies. I doubled my regular batch twice and made that twice again. All the cookies I made sold quickly so I guess I did my part.

Today when I picked up the kids after school all three of them told me that they had signed me up to make cookies for their Christmas class parties tomorrow.

Yep, they all want chocolate chip cookies.

The least they could have done was sign me up for shortbread.

2 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  1. We had a bake sale at work today to raise money for Community Care. I walked in the door with my box filled with cheese crackers and pecan snowballs and was swarmed. I even sold the box for 25 cents!
    Chocolate Chip Cookies sound heavenly, although I’ll admit, I’m a bit cookied out right now!


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