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Teary Eyed Mama

My youngest daughter is performing in her elementary school's Christmas play tonight. Her school has rented a theater with a real stage for the kid's to perform on and I even had to go to a box office to buy tickets.

Rebecca will be playing the part of Mrs. Claus. To say that my child is thrilled is an understatement. My youngest loves to perform and loves to be on stage, so she will be in her element tonight.

I, on the other hand, will be in tears.

Why? I have no idea.

It's not that I'm afraid for my children when they get on stage and my tears only feel a little bit like the 'they're growing up way too fast' kind. Honestly? I have no idea why I well up, but seeing my kids perform just makes me all emotional and teary eyed.

Does anyone else get like this or am I the only lunatic mother in the crowd?

Good thing the theater will be dark.

But you gotta know my eldest daughter and son will be sitting right beside me watching their little sister shine and rolling their eyes at me as I sniffle.

It should be a fun night.

16 thoughts on “Teary Eyed Mama

  1. I cried when I dropped my youngest off in the toddler room at daycare today – she’s moving up out of the infant room. LOL – you are definitely not the only one. I bet I’ll cry my eyes out at my oldest daughter’s Christmas “concert” on Thursday night too!


  2. Hi… just popped over here from the Moms Ad Exchange… Something about “tired mama” made me feel like I would like your blog 😉
    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts… I am a big sissy that has been crying over child related things since I was 10 weeks pregnant. My daughter is only 16 months old, so I figure I should buy stock in Kleenex.
    And as for your Christmas card post… I started sending the photocard last year… you cant really write on it, so I am off the hook… just stuff, stamp, and send! Easy peasy!


  3. **hangs head & sighs**
    My girls are 19 & 23 and I still cry when events ‘happen’ in their lives. Whether it be something good or bad … I cry. Now that I’m a grandma I cry for Lil Man too.


  4. raphaelsmuse Posted on The way it’s set up, it rdeinms me of the carnival game where you throw baseballs at clowns to win a prize. Maybe that’s what you can use it for now ? XD


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