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I now have a list of my lists

Christmas is a time when a Mom needs to follow up on a million different things.

The end of a renovation? That's where I'm at and it also seems to be a time where I need to wrap up a million different little details.

Three kids and life in general? Most days just getting through that means I gotta remember to do a million things.

What am I at? About three million little details?

Yep, that would be why I have all these lists.

I just put together a master list to keep track of all my shorter lists.


I think I'm gonna need some hard working elves and maybe even a Christmas miracle if I'm gonna get all this done.

Yippee. Not.

5 thoughts on “I now have a list of my lists

  1. Tis the season of the lists. I hope you are able to easily start crossing off things so you can take some time to rest and relax. Try not to let the holidays freak you out. I try to remember that it is a time for everyone to get together and with most of the stuff, if it doesn’t get done, no one, besides me, would notice.


  2. My facebook thingie reads, “Holly is making lists. May need a list to keep track of all the lists.” I might actually get back to a single sheet again if people would quit piling on more stuff.


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