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A house full of stuff

There was a house fire this past weekend that took place a few streets over from where I live. No one was hurt, even the pets were all safely taken out, but the house was gutted.

It got me thinking about my house and everything in it.

If we had a fire here I would want to save my photo albums, my laptop and maybe my purse. Other than that?

I think I could rebuild.

As long as my family and our pets got out, I'd be okay – more than okay even.

All the rest of the things here are just uh, stuff.

So, can anyone explain to me why I have so much of it and why I'm currently Christmas shopping for more?

8 thoughts on “A house full of stuff

  1. Great question! We moved from another state almost three years ago, and I got rid of LOTS of stuff then. Basically everything we have now, I feel like we actually need or will be able to use in the future (like clothes that the younger kids will grow into), but we still have an attic full. STUFF! Agh.


  2. Great question. I think so many of us ask ourselves the very same thing all the time. We live in the capatalistic society where we have to support the economy and way of life by buying STUFF but how does this really benefit us human beings on this planet?
    And there, my friend, is my philosophy lesson for today. (-;


  3. Ohh sorry to hear about that poor family and their house!! We had some friends go through the same thing (not a total loss of everything but about half) it was really hard. She didn’t realize how attached to “stuff” she had gotten. She ended up not missing most of it, but there were a few things she is still sad she lost.
    I have decided that moving is the best way to get rid of stuff! It wuite a trip to the D.I. (think salvation army) when I was cleaning out the basement to move!!


  4. I am feeling you totally. I wrote my last blog kind of with this idea in mind. But I am appreciating all the world around me more and wanting less for sure. Commercialism is forced down our throats constantly…


  5. Im with you and have no clue why we have so much stuff, it seems we have more stuff then I know what to do with. Especially DH he has a ton of stuff floating around the house and in his office. I regularly purge my stuff and the kids stuff but still a lot of stuff we could live with out. So in answer to your question Im not sure why we have so much stuff.


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