Christmas Cards

I'm doing my Christmas cards tonight. I've done uh, eleven.

I have only about fifty to go.


Yes, I still write Christmas cards. I make my kids sign their name to each one and I enclose pictures of my trio with them too.


Right now, I have no idea.

I'm noticing that every year I get fewer cards in the mail too. Maybe I'm receiving less because I'm offending people. Who knows? But really I think it's because they take so much time to do.

Personally, I love getting Christmas cards in my mail box. Not via my in-box but through the real mail system, the one that requires a stamp. 

But I also must admit that I find it a total pain in the tush to get the cards out – it's expensive too.

Still, I always try to get my sixty or so cards out on December 11th, as this seems to get all my cards to everyone, even those in Europe, by Christmas. I have two days to go.

So, tonight I am going to try and get about half of the cards done. I figure I'll be done by about midnight.

And yes, the e-mailed computerized holiday cards are starting to look better and better right about now. Actually, they're looking really good but I've already bought these pretty 'send in the mail' type cards so I've gotta use them.

I'm off to get a hand cramp.


10 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. I love Christmas cards too, but it seems like fewer and fewer people send them these days. I miss getting cards in my mailbox but I’m committed to doing it every year!
    This year I got mine done really early by streamlining the process. First of all I went to a newsletter so I didn’t have to write a whole letter in every card like I have done in the past. Then I printed out all the addresses and cut them out and glued them to the front of each card so I didn’t need to write them out, and I bought return address labels too. Then I stuffed, signed, and sealed in a big assembly line process.
    All done!


  2. They are a big fat pain in the butt! But I so love when I have cards in my mailbox. THat is the only reason I send them out!
    PS Would it weird if I had a dream last night that I met you but you actually lived down the street from me and you were just faking that you lived in Canada? If that is wierd then it didn’t happen! 🙂


  3. I think it’s lovely that you take the time, and make the effort to send a personal christmas card.
    You don’t just send a christmas card: you send the message that you thought of someone, that you care, and that you think they’re worth your time and effort.
    So good for you!
    And maybe you can play some nice music while you’re doing them and enjoy the process.


  4. I wasn’t going to do it this year, using the excuse of too much work, the floors, etc. But if you can do it with your renos going on, then I can do it with mine.
    The 11th? OK then.


  5. I didn’t do them last year. Suffering from guilt this year as a result of that, but just about anyone I would send one to reads my blogs and knows what is going on in our lives and has seen pictures of us. And, I have moved many places, have just enough family and worked in just enough places to make my list around 150-175 cards. Yes, you read that correctly. Expensive? OH YEAH!


  6. That is too funny! I usually send out cards every year because I love getting cards back (through the real mail that requires a stamp. lol!) This year I decided I don’t want to spend the money though. It really is expensive. I haven’t gotten a single card yet either.


  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting cards and notes in the postal mail! I feel like there is something personal (intimate?) in hand written notes and cards that are actually signed… by people!
    I still even address mine myself rather than printing off labels. Sure, it would be easier, but I like to think that the few moments of time that I took to lovingly address, personalize a note on the inside and sign the thing has more meaning than preprinted ones. You know?! (Not knocking them, mind you!)
    I’ve got mine mostly done and ready to go, they just need me to stuff a photo of my girls then they are off!
    Good luck!


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