Guilty Mama

Tonight I watched my kids put up our outdoor Christmas lights.

They did it by flashlight because by five o'clock here it's already dark.

We are a little behind on our Christmas decorating this year.

I am however happy that the outdoor decorations are finally accessible. It took me an hour but I did manage to get them out from behind all the renovation debris.

I dug the Christmas decorations out while I was waiting for the furnace guy to drop by and take all our money fix the furnace. The good news is we have heat again tonight.

Still, I'm behind. I'm hoping to catch up this weekend. The renovation to the house should be done by Saturday and I plan on spending the weekend cleaning and decorating.

I also need to finish the Christmas cards and start some baking.

I've got some shopping to do too.

I should also get out and buy some wrapping paper and start wrapping presents.

How long is it until Christmas anyways?

Do I need to start panicking now or can I still wait a few more days?

Let me know.

10 thoughts on “Guilty Mama

  1. Don’t panic yet. You’ve got plenty of time, just crank it up a notch.
    You know yesterday I saw the same furnace repair guy at two houses in our neighborhood. It must be that time of year for the heat to go out. Ugh!


  2. I am hoping it is too soon to panic because if you have to panic, I do too. If you decide it is time to panic, let me know. I will need to add it to the to do list.


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