It’s cold here

I am cold.

I live in Canada and it is December and our furnace decided not to work tonight.

I am cold. Did I mention that already?

We called the furnace man to come and fix the furnace but because it is Sunday night, the fee he wanted to come tonight was enough to feed my family for about a month.

So, instead of fixing the furnace we are putting extra blankets on our beds tonight and we're having the furnace guy come over in about eight hours for a more reasonable cost.

I should have stayed in the line-up at Toys R Us, the wait was ridiculous but at least it was warm.

11 thoughts on “It’s cold here

  1. I’m know what you’re going through my friend – we have a new furnace on order with Santa (Merry Christmas to us!) but in the meantime it was -16 here today and we have about 2.5 ft of snow; Bob & Will filled the back of his truck with firewood from the local mennonite farm so we’re keeping a nice fire going in the familyroom/kitchen. Bob and I are actually arguing about whose side of the bed the dog should snuggle in on. I’m going to put puppy treats under my pillow to make her stay on my side….


  2. Oh, yes! I lived in NW Ontario for 7 years. I know it gets cold in Canada! I have a photo of myself in bed there, wearing a parka. I pray you have a warm, cozy night under those blankets…and that Furnace Man arrives quite early.


  3. Oh no. At least we had heat. We had our annual Christmas basement flood early though. We thought there was a crack in the foundation. Fortunately BB had a spark of an idea and realized that the sump pump wasn’t working … fuses or the sanding had done sumpin’ (haha). Anyway we’re all dried up now.


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