Christmas · Shopping

Gonna get it?

They have something at our local Toys R Us called, 'Gotta Get it Deals'.

One of today's one hour 'deals' is a toy that youngest daughter has on her Christmas list.

I'm thinking about donning my battle gear and charging into our local Toys R Us today to try and get it for her.

Yep, it's Saturday.

Yep, it's nineteen days before Christmas.

If I don't return in a few days, can someone please send my husband and kids an e-mail as to where to look for me? Oh, and I might still be in line waiting to pay so could you ask them to bring a sandwich for me too?


10 thoughts on “Gonna get it?

  1. I’m dragging myself to the store today too, but only b/c I know next weekend will be worse. I keep repeating to myself IN AND OUT. No farting around–and no punching rude mall-goers who cut lines.


  2. Yikes! I try to go during the week, you’re a brave woman to attempt it on a weekend. We’ll send a search party for you if you don’t update by Monday. The most I’ll summon my courage for is an online shopping expedition.


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