I bought chocolate last week. The chocolate was supposed to be used to fill the kid's advent calendar

The problem with this?

I ate it.

Can I put a cereal bar in an advent calendar instead?

Probably not.

Hmmm.This is worse than me forgetting about the tooth fairy. This time there are three kids expecting me to have put something in that advent calendar's little pockets.

But I have nothing. Nope, nothing to put in those cute little pouches that my kids check every morning on their way down to breakfast.

And, it's only the fifth day.

Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

I did however get to the bank machine today.

Do you think they'll settle for a twenty dollar bill instead of candy?

11 thoughts on “Shoot

  1. What you said is funny because the same thing happened with me with the Halloween candy…the children wanted to know where it all went! I’m the guilty culprit-when the children go to bed that’s mama’s time to indulge!


  2. What about a lovely note from Santa. It’s cheap and it can’t be eaten.
    Eryn from the Homeschooled Year includes little notes like “today we will go ice skating.” or “bake a gingerbread house from scratch” (she is much more ambitious than me).


  3. I swear we are too alike!! I told my daughter I was going to make chocolate cookies today and she said back to me “could you not eat them all before we get home from school” My daughter knows me to well!!
    Yes I think they would rather have the $20 🙂


  4. LOL!!!! That is something I would totally do! That’s partly why I made an advent quilt that they get to hang a mini ornament on each day.
    Santa Claus is Coming!
    Good luck, and I have to agree to not put $$ in their pockets…it’ll just escalate!


  5. More chocolate should do the trick! That is so cute that you ate it. My mom gave me chocolate to give to the nurse who helped deliver my son and I ate it instead. I confessed b/c I felt bad, but I couldn’t help it. It was in my car and I was hungry.


  6. I would go with the IOU as opposed to the cash. With the IOU they’re just going to be slightly peeved at you, with the cash you’re setting a dangerous precedent … peeved you can handle, right? Daily demands for $20.00 bills, not so much.


  7. I could never blame a fellow chocoholic for eating what she should not…The treats only last at my house through strict rationing OF MYSELF… Good luck with this one.


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