Parlez-vous francais?

My youngest daughter was the 'announcer' for her school's assembly today. She did a great job.

To be announcer at assembly you stand in front of the entire school and ask everyone to stand for the national anthem. You then ask students to come forward if they have a birthday or special announcements to give and you introduce the students who will be telling jokes, quotes and giving the sports, news and weather information. You also introduce the children who will be giving special music or drama performances.

It's a great way for the entire school body to come together every morning for fifteen minutes and, because the children take turns preparing for the assembly, it also gives all the children valuable public speaking experience.

Today however was Wednesday, which is the day that the assembly is run in Canada's official other language – or Canada's other language for my family. Today my youngest did all the announcements and introductions in French.

I don't speak French very well.

Apparently however my daughter does. Like I said, she did a great job and I am proud of her but I'm also now sorta worried.

I mean, I really didn't follow a lot of what my child said.

So, tonight I'm sitting here wondering exactly what it was that she did say. 

Should I be worried that I don't understand my eight year old? Should I be concerned that it's possible that my third grader is already smarter than I am?

I feel like I'm kinda in trouble over here.


14 thoughts on “Parlez-vous francais?

  1. You know one of the things I love the best about you, Leanne? Your well-placed sighs. I can SO relate to that feeling!! =)
    And as long as you don’t tell your daughter that she’s smarter than you, it’ll be okay. Besides, she’ll figure out how much smarter she is in a few years when she becomes a teenager, right?? πŸ˜‰


  2. That is great that she did well! I would think it would be even more intimidating doing the announcements in your second language (even if she speaks it fluently, it is not the language she is used to at home).
    As long as she doesn’t start speaking French so she can talk without your understanding, it is all good.


  3. Sometimes I wonder about that with my daughter who is taking Spanish. (I took French in school, back in the ice age) I’m not worried, then again, hubby speaks a little Spanish…
    I think is wonderful that she could lead a whole assembly in another language!


  4. Tres bien faites, Rebecca!! Felicitations!
    You should be very proud (and I know you are) of her accomplishment.
    Maybe we need to turn a GNO into French classes for you. Michele and I speak even more fluently when there is alcohol involved!


  5. Oh dear. You just described one of my big fears! Our oldest started French Immersion this year and we were very nervous about the decision, because we figure one day all the kids will be able to have a conversation right in front of us about secret things and we won’t know what the hell they are talking about. Apparently it really is going to happen! Now I’m freaked out!


  6. Kate Posted on @marge: Dave (my hubby) is so fernkiag awesome! You bet I am thankful for him (and his sense of humor). We spend a lot of time laughing! Especially at ourselves! ;o)


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