Job Hunting

I’m trying over here…

I found a job advertised on-line that I think I'm going to apply for. I have until Friday to send in an application.

I spent all last night working away on my resume.

Don't ask how that went.

Why is writing a resume so hard?

I mean, we all know that I'm fabulous and that anyone would be crazy not to hire me, so why is that so hard to capture on paper?


This is why I'm a writer, I love the thrill of trying to pin down the unexplainable, the excitement of trying to find the perfect word to convey one's exact feelings. I live for the ecstasy of finding that exact spin of a phrase that succinctly sums up my emotions.

Either that or I'm a nut case.

I'll let you decide.

12 thoughts on “I’m trying over here…

  1. I haven’t updated my resume in years, the thought of it gives me all sorts of anxiety. Good luck. I obsess over words and sentence structure all the time. I’m only a little crazy.


  2. Good luck! Putting together a resume is tough. Especially when it has been a while. Recruiters are often looking for specific buzz words so it can be a pain in the neck. If they asked me, I would say they would be crazy not to hire you for the entertainment alone :).


  3. I go into total lockdown trying to write a resume. Then it doesn’t sound anything like me. Or it is two lines. Or it is too many pages. Or I am yelling at the screen. Or I want to know why it matters who I worked for in 1995. There’s not really a medication that can quite handle me writing a resume yet.


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