I’m really really behind on this one

A few ladies in the blogosphere have been reaching out to me and I'm behind in responding.


First of all, I've been blessed with a few awards.


Thank you Mary Lynn over at Riding in a Hand-basket for this award. I'm hooked on your blog too. If you want to see a funny picture go over to her blog today - there's the best family Christmas photo ever there!

And then there's this one…

Butterfly Award

Thank you Carol from over at She Lives. I'm glad you find my blog cool, can you please inform my kids that something about me is cool? I think your blog is VERY cool too and I appreciate the award.


Sparky blogaward


I got this sparky award from April over at Doin' the Working Mom Thing. April inspires me and I'm glad I can make her smile once in a while too. Thanks April!

Oh, and I've also been tagged by Janice at  Mom on the Run  and she asked me to fill out a questionnaire that has like a gazillion questions.  Ack!  There were just too many questions so I'm going to give her the Butterfly award instead. Janice, this one is for you! Thanks for giving me a great read each and every day. I think your blog is cool and I think since it's getting cold in Toronto you need a butterfly. Please keep him warm.

That's it.

If you have tagged me or left me an award, and I think I have forgotten one or two, please e-mail me or comment. I'm bad at remembering these things.

Now I'm off to the store to get some new Christmas lights. I can't let Tired Papa off the hook that easily. There's a winter storm warning out today too so I think it's the perfect time to get out and hang up some outdoor decorations. Right?

I'll make him some hot chocolate while I wait for him to finish.  

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