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Canadian Politics

I'm not a huge political person but I must say tonight I'm completely frustrated with my government and I'm not even sure I fully understand what just happened today. 

Does my vote mean nothing?

And why do I have such a bad feeling about all this, especially in these turbulent economic times?

I'm off to read the news…again.

If someone 'gets' this, please feel free to explain it to reassure me.


4 thoughts on “Canadian Politics

  1. Once again it shows what passive little sheep Canadians are when it comes to politics. If this were any other country we would be in a state of civil unrest teetering on the edge of war. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t want a war but think about it… would this conflict between our political parties be so polite in an African or Middle Eastern country?


  2. I didn’t realize you were in Canada. Boy do I have an ethnocentric view. I am in the U.S. and haven’t heard much about what is happening. Would you be willing to share more? I love political intrigue.


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