The first of December

It was nice here yesterday so I suggested that it was a good day to get the outside Christmas lights up. Tired Papa hates putting up Christmas lights.

Finally, after much badgering, off went a grumpy Tired Papa to the garage to try and find the big plastic container of outdoor Christmas decorations.

He came back a brief two minutes later humming and wearing a big smile on his face.

It seems the outdoor Christmas decorations are buried in the back corner of the garage high up on a shelf and the guys doing my renovation have completely covered this corner of the garage with all the trim, wood and bits and pieces that they plan on putting back up in the house again after plastering.

It is truly impossible to get at the outdoor Christmas stuff.

But at least now Tired Papa is in the Christmas spirit.

How much extra do you think he paid our contractor to do this?

6 thoughts on “The first of December

  1. I got our outside tree up anyways (the town provides one, we provide the lights), but it’s not lit yet. Maybe tomorrow. 🙂 We did get some decorating done inside though, and potpourri is scattered about so it at least smells like Christmas.
    Good luck with the lights!


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