I’m venting. Surprise!

So, here's the thing. I thought I could handle renovating my house as long as it was done the week before Christmas.

I thought wrong.

I thought it would be possible for me to quickly find furniture for my new family room and kitchen and get it delivered in time for Christmas.

I thought wrong.

I also thought that as my kids got older it would be easier for me to step back from their homework and just let them get on with it. I mean that's how they learn, right?

Yeah, that is great in theory until one's offspring start getting marks that are not as high as they are capable of and then these same children start messing around instead of studying for their Christmas exams.

I'm not doing this whole  'leave them alone and let them take the consequences' thing too well this weekend. Yes, I'm yelling.

I also thought it would be easy to ignore the three inches of dry wall dust all over my house. I thought it might even be a great excuse not to dust or have to clean because you know, we're renovating.


How many wrongs does that make?

Basically this renovation, my lack of preparation for the holidays, my kid's exams and my not being able to find furniture that I like is starting to get to me.

Yes, it is.

Pass the wine.

Oh, and the chocolate too.


10 thoughts on “I’m venting. Surprise!

  1. sounds like you need a time out…. like maybe a long weekend somewhere…away from your house…away from your children… name the place and I’ll meet you there!!


  2. I feel your pain! The renovation issues…yeah, I wish someone else was doing it…that way it would actually have an end date! The kids and homework issues, yeah, I know that one too well.
    Wine and chocolate, sounds great to me! I like the previous comment about a nice, long weekend away too! 🙂 Breathe, have a drink, and good luck!


  3. Oh sister! I agree with Sandra’s comment above, you tell me where and I will be there for a mom’s time out weekend!
    Do they ever get old enough that we can step back and they will do their homework without being yelled at?


  4. Christina,
    I have 2 kids – Daughter, 16, in HS. Daughter does her homework but only in front of TV with cell phone in hand, and MSN chat running on the computer so I feel compelled to nag about her study habits. I guess I should be happy she is at least doing it. Her marks are OK but I know they could be better. Son, 18, away at college; He was not the most dedicated student in HS. He is paying for his college education himself so he even when there is a cool party happening, if he has assignments or tests he will stay in to study. He has really taken ownership of his education. So to answer your question, yes, they will do their homework without being yelled at… after they move out….


  5. My parents never nagged about homework. I chose to do mine, my brother chose not to. My brother has now chosen a career path that doesn’t require book smarts, and I did. We both make the same amount of money. It’ll all work out in the end.
    Oh and the furniture – once you pick out stuff don’t anticipate on it arriving right away. WHen we ordered furniture it came in bits and pieces – a chair here, a couch there. It took 12 weeks for the whole set to finally arrive!


  6. Aren’t those enough wrongs to make a right?
    And you know, you show great insight into all your illusions, which is always the first step to success!
    So take heart, I’m sure things can only get better!
    Or would that be another wrong?


  7. Carol summed it up nicely, IMO, too. But, for pain meds, a bit of chocolate might be just the thing. And remember, when stuff is out of your control, it’s also off your back. Hugs and prayers.


  8. Oh man…we want to renovate sometime, too, but I’m dreading the chaos that goes along with it. When you’re in the midst of it, it’s hard to just stay calm and focus on the end results.
    Thank heavens for wine and chocolate, eh? They get us through…


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