Blah Day

Blah de blah, blah, blah.

That about sums up today.

I spent the day at the mall.

I went with a girlfriend, we had lunch and we tried to do some Christmas shopping.

She seemed to do well. She had a list, she checked it more than twice and she bought things that seemed well thought out and practical.


Not so much.

I had no list, so no thoughtful gift shopping got finished and I basically spent a whole day looking at all sorts of stuff but in the end, I really accomplished nothing.

I came home with very little too.

Unless of course you count my headache – but I'm pretty sure that wasn't on my list.


6 thoughts on “Blah Day

  1. It is so essential to have a plan when hitting the mall — and to take a liter or two of liquids with you. Otherwise you end up wandering the mall, dazed and confused, inching closer to collapse with every step. Just like Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman in Ishtar!


  2. Sorry to hear about the headache! Hopefully it will go away quickly. I will be out shopping tomorrow morning here with hoards of other predawn shoppers…. although, I have two specific things that are my goal to get, anything else is gravy.


  3. I hear you. Have you checked out my online holiday gift/charity guide on ParentsCanada? Perhaps you can do some shopping/donations online and save time and stress.
    Let’s wish for some inspiration (and a lottery win) soon!


  4. I think it’s hilarious that somehow Margie and I have bonded into this Margie and Kath person when we comment on Typepad. That was her up above. This is me down below. I make a list, I get in and get out. I don’t love to shop (except cross border, of course) so a list is essential.


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