Another note

Dear fellow drivers on the side streets of my town,

When the temperature is hovering around zero and it is raining you need to put on your lights and slow the flippin' heck down.

That shiny stuff out there on the roads tonight?

That would be ICE.


Lovingly yours,
Tired Mama

9 thoughts on “Another note

  1. Fun blog you’ve got here. Thanks for stopping by Weasels and leaving behind such a sweet comment. Come back anytime and make yourself comfortable. Or at least as comfortable as you can be with rodents on the loose.


  2. We don’t have a problem with ice here yet, but the driving in my town still drives me insane. And yeah, why don’t people turn their lights in the morning? Hey Einstein, it’s still dark out ya know!
    Found you via Entrecard, and I’m glad I did.


  3. two o’clock in the morning a car, the neighbour, coming from i don’t know where on a tuesday, spins out squealing in front of my house. hellooo, it’s winter here! you grew up in this city and should know how to drive… you are middle aged, not a teenager! what the heck?


  4. It’s just hitting us now, but I hear ya. And we’re without winter tires … the tire shortage because of the new law in Quebec is sending us across border tonight to get tires in North Tonawanda. So much for shoring up the Canadian economy!


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