It’s that time

It's beginning to look a lot like uh, well, you know.

I like Christmas. I do. It's just that Christmas is also a lot of work.

It's also a lot of work that goes unnoticed and unappreciated for the most part. And let's not even get into the money that I pour into it. 

So, this year I asked my children what they liked most about the holidays. I figured if it was just the tree, cookie baking and presents then I would just do that and I'd let the other stuff slide. 

Their replies?

My son told me the most important part for him is the tree. He likes picking it out, decorating it and having a real tree in the house. Fair enough.

My eldest daughter just rolled her eyes at me and left the room. Thanks, hon.

The youngest?

Well it went something like this.

'I like it all Mommy. I like the presents, the tree, the Church things, the lights, the food, the family getting together, the outside stuff, the movies, the baking, the stuff we give everyone, the parade, the cards, the parties, Jesus' cake and the decorating of the house. Mommy? I love it all. It's all Christmas.'

My baby is now eight. She has gorgeous big round hazel eyes and I melt when she's this happy. She's also Santa's biggest fan and I'm probably running out of time for that too.

So, guess what this Mama's gonna do for the next 30 odd days? 

Yep, everything.

See you in January. 

11 thoughts on “It’s that time

  1. That is really sweet. It won’t be for nothing…even the oldest will eventually look back on her holidays and appreciate all you did. I so appreciate all of the traditions and trouble that my mother went to when we were kids…I mean one year she couldn’t afford doll clothes so she made them all by hand! It took me until I was 25 to appreciate most of it and it wasn’t until I was a mom that I could appreciate the rest 🙂


  2. They don’t stay little forever, I try to remind myself that in the Christmas season.
    I also remind myself that nobody has as much fun if Mama is worn thin. A couple years ago, we put our foot down and told the relatives on both sides that if they wanted to see the kids ON Christmas day, they could come to our house. We would drag the kids out of bed at 6AM!! They would open santa presents, get in the car, open presents, get in the car, open presents, eat, get in the car. Now Christmas day is just for us.
    I hope you have a GREAT christmas!


  3. My baby is eight, too. And she loves everything, too. And for not too much longer so do the Elder Siblings. So. I better get back to wiring those little shiny ball-shaped ornaments onto the garlands for the Mr. to hang so we can create a wonderland while it is still wonderful. *sigh*


  4. I have to say, I agree with your daughter. I love everything about Christmas, it is probably my favorite holiday. It is definitely a lot of work, but since I love the holiday, I enjoy the work too.
    On another note, I am happy every time you stop by, even if you are unable to offer any solutions on where I can get a hazmat suit. Just your cheerful comments give me a smile.


  5. Awe, that’s sweet. I was just like your daughter and, as much as I like to complain about it now, I love the holidays. I love the chaos, the overspending, the overeating, the decorating, all of it. I can’t help myself.


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