Need and Want

My youngest daughter told me after school today that she 'needed' a certain toy for Christmas.

She didn't 'want' it, she 'needed' it.


I told her that all she really needed was love, water, food and a safe place to live. I told her she 'wanted' the toy, but she didn't 'need' it.  

She scowled. She kicked her little booted foot. She gave me the old 'you just don't understand ANYTHING' look.

We walked on.

Tonight I told her that I needed her to set the table for dinner.

Guess what she told me?

As a matter of fact I did end up setting the table myself.


11 thoughts on “Need and Want

  1. I would have given her yet another chore, and added to the list of needs, the need to obey your mother.
    There’s a reason my kids think I’m the most evil mother ever.


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