What’s making me tired today.

I've been a little bit frazzled lately. Why?

Well, this is what my family room looks like right now.

Dance and Renovation - Nov 2008 008

That silver duct work used to be hidden in a wall between my kitchen and family room. The big wood beam at the top of the picture is new. We put it there so the upstair's bedrooms didn't end up in the kitchen. Smart, eh?

This next shot is of my back hall.  This used to be my kitchen pantry and a bathroom. It's now becoming a big mud room. That's a pocket door on the right that's being roughed in; I will pull that closed to hide all my kid's stuff. The thought of being able to hide all their crap stuff makes me very happy.

Dance and Renovation - Nov 2008 007

Finally we have a picture of my back staircase which is being opened up.

Dance and Renovation - Nov 2008 012 

All of this work is supposed to be done by December 17th. Yep, the week before Christmas.

How am I handling all of this? Okay, I guess. But you know what? Even though all I have to do is answer questions and pick out colours, while someone else actually does all the work, this renovation stuff makes Tired Mama tired – very tired.

Basically? I'm counting the days until we're done.

10 thoughts on “What’s making me tired today.

  1. gosh…i feel ya.
    i am in the process of having a baby ( February, unless he decides to spend the next 18 years in my uterus..although I’ve felt as if he has spent 20 years there already) and all the lovely stuff that goes along with that. and moving. and stressful family\life stuff.
    *sigh* there’s not enough hours in the day, i swear


  2. Renovation is frustrating (and something you never really recover from). Just keep telling yourself, “It will be awesome when it is finished,” over and over again. Good luck and I completely feel your pain.


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