One small wire got snapped in my renovation and poof!

I've had no phones and no internet for the last 36 hours.

I must say that when I have no phones and internet I get a lot more done around the house.

There's a lesson here I think.

But you know what? For this lesson, the dog ate my homework.

I 'heart 'my cyber/phone world too much to give it up just so an extra bit of laundry or dusting gets done.

8 thoughts on “Poof!

  1. I agree. I would get a lot more accomplished if not for the lure of the Internet. But that little bit of unproductiveness (is that even a word?) is worth it to me. I love my bloggy friends!


  2. I figure my time wasted is actually me being considerate of my friends. If MY house was spotless (and it could be if not for the time blown on assorted media) then the other mommies would be mad because I had raised the bar on how clean we all have to keep our homes.


  3. Being without internet would drive me bonkers. I could be without the phone for quite a while before I missed it, I really dislike talking on it because I spend most of my work day on it!


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