School Woes

Last year I went back to University.

I was, and still am, the oldest 'student' in my class. This doesn't really bother me but I must admit trying to juggle University classes at my age can at times be a logistical challenge.

Right now for example, there is a strike on at the University which means that I don't have classes.

I'm okay with this except that it also means that my class times will be rescheduled to run over the Christmas holidays.


Part of the reason I picked the courses I did was so that I can attend them when my kids are at school, and I can do the homework and 'readings' while my trio are in bed.

I was not planning on spending my Christmas holidays attending classes. 

So now I'm thinking about taking my kids with me to my re-scheduled lectures. I'm sure my eleven year old son will have a great interest in the writings of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. 

Yeah, right.

I only need three more courses to finish this degree. I'd like to get a decent mark in these classes too so that I can get into a masters program. 

I wonder if attending lectures with three kids will make me look pathetic or simply dedicated. 

Sadly, part of me is hoping that I'll look slightly pathetic, I'll take a few extra marks for 'pity' right now.

I'm getting too old to be proud.


5 thoughts on “School Woes

  1. I agree, bring ’em along. I’ve become a big fan lately of bringing my kids to any and all activities I feel like doing when I can’t find anyone to mind them. Be sure to bring a LOT of snacks and some sort of activity (drawing or stickers or books to read). Have fun!


  2. I, too, say bring ’em. As long as they have something to keep them occupied, I think it could actually become a cherished memory for them…later on…when they’re old enough to see you as a real person. (Since, while we’re kids, moms are their own category in the human race.)


  3. I couldn’t bring them along. I think it would drive me batshit insane. But that’s me.
    If you CAN do it, and you WANT to do it, do it.
    Also, kudos to you for going back to school. I’m jealous.


  4. I think you will look dedicated. The professor may freak (some are tightly wound), but screw ’em. It isn’t your fault that classes are being extended through the holidays. How will that work for students whose families are not nearby? Usually holiday break is an opportunity to go home for the holidays.


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