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It’s a bit messy

My kids were off of school on Friday and they have today off as well.

I like my kids. I like to spend time with my kids.

But it does seem that when my kids are home from school they tend to make a mess. I have Lego, doll stuff, Nintendo parts and coats all over the place.

When I mention that they should pick-up after themselves, my beloved off-spring look at me with big uncomprehending round eyes. It's like I'm talking a foreign language.

I have half my house being ripped apart for the renovations, the other half of my house is being taken over by the mess my children are making.

To be fair, I have been sorting through so many things and we've moved so much stuff around for the demolition that it is getting a little tight around here to move, never mind try to neatly entertain one's self, on a rainy day off of school.

Do you know what it's like when you're trying to sort through stuff and you've got so many piles that it looks worse than when you're started, but you know if you keep at it in the end it'll be better?

Yeah, well I'm there.

But, it's only the second week of an eight week renovation and I'm already tired of the mess and I'm tired of sorting through everything that got moved around.

I need a break.

I need chocolate and wine.

Yep, I do – again.


9 thoughts on “It’s a bit messy

  1. Keep your eye on the prize my friend. It is going to feel soooooooooooo good when you’re done. Like anything hard it’s worth it in the end. I decluttered a few years ago and I love it. Everything has a place and I have empty cupboards and drawers in my house I realized that there is no rule that says you must fill every square inch. And you’ve seen on our blog, I still have a lot of stuff!


  2. Hmmm. After reading your All About Tired Mama, I’m convinced your kids are old enough to understand the following threat: “If you don’t pick up your stuff, it’s going to end up sealed in the walls of our renovation.” We actually did that with a few of our boys’ toys, but they did it voluntarily, choosing what they wanted to invest in history – sort of a time-capsule thing. They also wrote messages on some of the studs. They thought it was a blast!


  3. Good for you. Around here it’s more like chocolate and whine. I don’t even know where to start anymore, so much of it isn’t mine, then the biggest kid – aka the husband – keeps bringing home more junk. Yeah, I think I’ve officially given up.


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