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I'm trying to clean up my house a bit today. 

There was a lot of stuff that got moved from one side of my house to the other so that our renovations could start this week. I tried to go through most of it but honestly? After a few days I just got tired and over whelmed.

Today I'm back at it.

Today is also garbage day in my town so I'm trying to lug as much paper as I can out to my recycling paper boxes before they get picked up. I can't believe how much paper advertising I've kept over the last few months.

As I'm working away at this, in the other half of my house, separated from me by a thin plastic sheet, there are three young guys ripping up floors and walls. My house is literally cut in two.

So as I sort today, I have the added bonus of a light dusting of white drywall dust settling on me.


It's snowing in my house. That and all these catalogs has now got me thinking about Christmas shopping. I need to start that soon too.

I am so not ready for any of this.

8 thoughts on “Snow+Catalogs=Christmas

  1. You are being very ambitious! I love the feeling after I throw out a lot of stuff. As for Christmas shopping, I must wait until just before Christmas and then I go with a list, otherwise I break the bank because I buy something and then I see something better and so on and so on!


  2. I need to do this in our guestroom…the room is our catch all room. You can’t even walk at the moment. It is filled with summer clothes, mail, bills that need to be filed and (please don’t hate me) Christmas gifts. I only have the kids in my life done..the adults are not as much fun and therefore, I only have a few things for them πŸ™‚ Good luck!


  3. Right now my house smells like Christmas, only because it was the only candle I could find. I have asked the kids to start their lists. I’m looking forward to it this year!


  4. I’ve made a meek attempt at getting my Christmas shopping started. Not to be ahead of the game, mind you, but if I leave it for the last minute I won’t find anything I want, or the money to pay for it.


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