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What to do

I can't go to school today because the professors at the University I attend are on strike.

I can't cook today because my kitchen is half demolished due to this renovation we're doing.

I can't go to the gym today because I worked out two days in a row and my girlfriend, who knows about these things, told me to give my muscles a rest.

I can't clean today because there is dry wall dust EVERYWHERE in my house and they won't be done the demolition until tomorrow so that's gonna have to wait for the weekend.

My kids are all at school today. 

What's a poor mama to do?

I suppose I'd better go shopping.

I mean there's got to be a shoe sale somewhere that needs my attention.

11 thoughts on “What to do

  1. And if you still have time to kill after shoe shopping, you could just go hang out at a coffee shop or a Chapters or some place like that with a cup of java and a book or a magazine.
    Shoe shopping, reading and caffeine. That sounds like a great day to me…


  2. i also have the shoe love – and something else I also have that you have is the black box widget on my blog and that is what sent me to you. It seems we like the same things.
    Come and say hello


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