I stayed up late to watch the election speeches and so today I'm tired.

Now there's something new.

But I was impressed with what I saw and I am looking forward to seeing what the new American President does for his country.

As I was yawning though Barack Obama's speech however I was also admiring his gorgeous little girls. 

And then I got thinking that those two little girls should be in bed because it was so late.

Now, I do agree that those girls should have been allowed to stay up late and share in their father's victory. I also know that they will remember this day for the rest of their lives and I agree completely with their parent's decision to have them there.

So, why was I so worried about the fact that they would be out of sorts and cranky today for their poor mother because they didn't get enough sleep? It seems sort of strange that when I should have been concentrating on a historical speech I was instead worrying about Michelle Obama having a hard day today with her daughters because they didn't get to bed on time.


I've turned into such a Mom.

8 thoughts on “Bedtimes

  1. I couldn’t stay up that late. Even though I don’t have children, I hate seeing an infant without a hat on. I always think, “PUT A HAT ON THAT BABY.” It must come with the ovaries!


  2. I didn’t find that speech very exciting either but McCain’s was a shocker. I don’t think I could ever be that nice about losing… though its something to strive for.
    go Obama!


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