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The Three R’s

In my home town I have to recycle everything. I have a place to recycle uneaten food, a bin for cardboard, a bin for plastic, and a bin for everything else. My town is trying to get rid of garbage.

Is it a pain?

At times, but I can't complain about it because I believe it's the right thing to do.

The big coffee shop here is Tim Hortons. We must have at least one on every block. There are always line-ups to get into them every morning too. In my town we love our 'Timmies'.

Still it has always seemed just well, wrong to throw out my Tim Horton cup every day. I've been trained, over the past few years, to recycle. So, I was very happy today when my local paper reported this,

"Tim Hortons chose yesterday to show off the new recycling bins it says it will install in its Toronto restaurants.

The move came just ahead of today's release of a city plan meant to crack down on food packaging – including the iconic doughnut maker's ubiquitous coffee cups – shipped to landfill." – Globe and Mail

I don't live in Toronto itself, but I live close. I'm just hoping this program makes its way west to my town too – and does it quickly.

And all I have to say is uh, Tim Hortons? It's about freakin' time.

8 thoughts on “The Three R’s

  1. My husband’s workplace has a Tim’s inside the building (he works for a major telecom company) and the Tim’s there has had their own recycling bin for the coffee cups for a while. I was very surprised to see it last time we went for a visit — I didn’t understand why they didn’t have a bin like that in every Tim’s. I’m glad to hear they’re finally rolling it out.
    Now if the Tim’s at his work could only get a gift card reader, so I could get him a gift card for Christmas, we’d be in business!


  2. I used to never see litter. Then a couple of years ago a Tim Horton’s opened in town. Now I see the cups discarded on the side of the road. It makes me crazy. We recycle everything. Sometimes we only have one small green garbage bag a month, granted there is only two of us, but I’m proud of our efforts.


  3. You Canadians are so freakin’ progressive. You would be amazed at how challenging it is to even FIND a place to recycle in East Tennessee. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.


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