Excuses, excuses

The crew is here to start the demolition on my house today. We're just renovating a small section but I still had to spend my weekend getting ready.

I tried to be organized and put stuff away but most of my back-hall and family room just got put down the basement in uh, piles.

To say my house is a bit of a mess is an understatement. We had to rearrange a lot of furniture.

But then again, my house is usually a bit of a mess.

So, in a way this is actually quite liberating as I now have an excuse for our mess.

I can now just say to anyone who might drop by, 'sorry about the mess, but you know what it's like when you're renovating.'

I plan to not clean, eat out every night and generally fall behind for the next six weeks and use the 'I'm messy, but we're renovating so it's okay' excuse EVERY DAY.

I think I might actually enjoy this whole process.

What else needs doing around here?

6 thoughts on “Excuses, excuses

  1. I think you should so totally use this excuse as long as you can. I may even borrow it even though we aren’t in the midst of renovations. Think it’ll work?


  2. Ok, now let’s expand on this thought. “Sorry, I can’t host the next family gathering because…or how about, “Sorry I can’t bake those next 6 pies for the family gathering because … Oh I say milk this one for all it’s worth! There has to be some silver lining for the entire messy process beside the beautiful house in the end! Enjoy swinging that sledge hammer!


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