Be careful what you wish for.

My renovation starts on November 3rd.

That would be uh, Monday.

How the heck did that come so fast?

I've been waiting to start this for a while now. We're knocking down the wall between the kitchen and family room and putting a big beam up so the bedrooms upstairs don't end up in the kitchen.

We're also taking out a main floor pantry, bathroom and some storage cabinets and  combining them into one large closet. I'm hoping to install individual cubbies in the closet for all the kid's stuff.

In order to get ready for the destruction I need to empty out the family room and back hall closets this weekend. I need to move out everything.

I'm a little behind on that.

I think I'm actually about to panic. I have about two days to go through and move a TON of stuff.

One word.



This is not going to be fun.

9 thoughts on “Be careful what you wish for.

  1. You know what? It’ll be a pain but you’ll be so happy when they’re done AND it gives you and excuse to clean up and move stuff out. I know the dumpster’s not the best. We’re actually having a huge yard sale at the church down the street and they take donations if you have anything useful that’s in relatively good shape. (They even do pick-ups but I think you’re far from us.)


  2. LOL – I so know what you mean. We bought a new house and moved into it a year ago – when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Brooke. My hubby finally found my pre-pregnancy clothes in the garage this past week. Brooke is now 16 months old!


  3. I’m jealous too, though maybe not so much for all the prep work you have to do! Our kitchen renovation is still a good two years out… until then we have to continue to deal with our 1970s Brady Bunch orange counters and falling apart cabinets. Good luck!


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