Horrible Holiday Greetings

You wanna know a secret?

I hate Halloween.

I do. I know it's rotten, but I do.

On Halloween morning, getting three kids into costumes, pulling together party snacks and getting them out the door in one piece and happy is impossible. Some child always melts down on me about something not being right.

I love tears at 8 am. Not. 

Then there's the candy and junk they bring home. What the heck am I supposed to do with all that crap junk? It just sets me up to be 'evil Mom' as I try and control the gorging of it. Did dentists invent this holiday?

I love Christmas, it's more spread out and I can handle it and even though there's a ton more to do, I find Christmas manageable. Halloween is just condensed stress.

Is there a Halloween Grinch? That's my costume for next year.

Boo Humbug.

9 thoughts on “Horrible Holiday Greetings

  1. Hey we both hate it too. I still don’t have pumpkins. I haven’t been able to keep the black cat in the window and we too had a costume crisis last night at 6:30. They’ve been stealing candy all week, won’t brush their teeth. Its a dental conspriacy for sure. Come by and we can offer you a red liquid treat in a plastic cup while you go around with the kids….


  2. Oh, me too.
    Hate it. Dread it. Today I’m trying to put on a cheery face about it, but it’s not easy. And the only thing I dislike more than taking the kids trick-or-treating is hearing my doorbell ring eleventy million times, even after I’ve turned off the porch light.
    Boo Humbug is hilarious!!


  3. As I pulled out of the school (late), I saw you drive in looking a little tense, too and figured you had much the same morning as I (and I had only ONE in costume). Party treats left in the car too. Sigh. Well, at least I can take one off your hands tonight!
    I’m shaking my head at the candy too. Between peanut allergies and braces here, what on earth is the POINT of trick or treating?


  4. I used to like Hallowe’en, but I’m starting to work up a bit of hate for it now, too. We had quite the four-year-old meltdown at our house this morning.
    I’m tired just thinking about what tonight will be like.


  5. I love Halloween but it is exhausting. I don’t mind the pumpkins, the decorations, the costumes or the t-o-ting but I do hate the fact that both the pre-school and the regular school give the kids CRAP all day. Like what’s the point of that?! They think it’s cute and funny but I think it’s bizarre to feed little kids sugar all day.


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