Spooky Days

It's almost Halloween. The costumes are done, the house is decorated and the kids have figured out who they want to go out trick-or-treating with. It's all complete except for one thing. I haven't bought any candy.

The reason?

If I buy it, I will eat it.

I don't need to eat candy. I need to lose weight not gain it.

I thought about giving out little toys but I don't want to end up with stuff left over that I have to store for another year.

I thought about chips but I would eat those too.

I thought about giving out apples but that's just well, lame.

So, I have decided to pick up my candy on Friday at the last possible second before the kids want to go out. That way I can't eat it.

This means of course that I will end up buying the candy that no one else wants or I will pay triple what I should for it, or I will end up with nothing to shell out at all.


This losing weight thing is really really REALLY hard.

11 thoughts on “Spooky Days

  1. I’ve been putting it off, too…I just haven’t figured out what to do with the haul the kids bring home after trick or treating. Either way, I’m stuck with candy in the house.
    Still, not buying it until I have to!


  2. I’m giving out juice boxes this year – somewhat healthy and not as tempting for the rest of us. We are a family without self-control when it comes to Hallowe’en candy…


  3. We switched to stickers or similar inexpensive giveaways to leave out because I would so eat the candy. Just one wee treat at a time. Until it was all gone. We just leave a bowl of give-aways on the front porch for whomever comes by to take away.


  4. Here’s where my cheapskatedness pays off I suppose….
    Actually, we have no one here that would trick or treat to us (rural homestead and all) so we aren’t home to pass any out! We do get some candy and other treats to make goodie bags for school, dance class, and for the only neighbors (they go elsewhere also to T&T!)!.


  5. We’re shelling out lollipops this year because it’s one of the few candies that I won’t sit down with the bag and inhale. Losing weight sure is tough – if it were easy no one would ever be fat!


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