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Where is the time going?

When my eldest daughter turned two she told me that one day she was going to draw pictures for a Disney movie.

I wrote this down in her baby book. It was one of the few things I did write in that book. If you were to look at her baby book today you would not know if she ever grew any teeth, but you would know that at two she had decided what she wanted to be when she grew up. 

Tomorrow I am driving this same daughter to the local 'arts high school' for an orientation. If she wants to apply to their fine arts program she needs to submit an application by November 28th and be ready for interviews, skill evaluation and portfolio submissions in January. The competition I'm told, to get into this school is tough.

Yes, my almost fourteen year old still wants to draw for Disney.

If she gets into this program it will make my life a logistical nightmare as I have no idea how I'm going to get everyone to school on time next fall. But if my girl wants it, and I mean really wants it for herself and gets accepted, I will move any mountains needed so that this happens for her.

I'm thrilled that my daughter has a dream – a passion. On the other hand, the fact that she is old enough to recognize this and work towards it makes me want to cry.

She's not a baby anymore, but she's still my baby.

Anyone know how to slow down time?


17 thoughts on “Where is the time going?

  1. I have no idea how to slow down time. But I do know that I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. Your daughter must be amazing, well, I suppose we knew that, she’s yours, right?


  2. see that girl floating down the nile in my post today. she is 30 now and i called her the other day and angsted over the fact that youngest son had failed an economics midterm, he’s in his first year at dal. i consoled myself by saying who passes economics first year anyway? she said, ahem, i actually got a 100% in first year economics. it’s true, she did. meanwhile leanne, several degrees later, she is working in a coffee shop in sackville N.B., the boyfriend is a professor at Mount Allyson University there. she is happy, and at fourteen she always knew where she was going. she is still going there.


  3. Wow! Good for her! Mine wants to be a teacher. She’s been saying that for a year, so maybe it is entirely possible for someone to know what they want to be even at 2. If you figure out how to sop time then please share with us!


  4. *sigh* I know all too well that feeling! If you figure out how to pause or slow time down, please share with the class! 🙂
    The drive to do something she loves is awesome though! I see far too many kids not caring about anything.


  5. I keep wondering where the time went also, as I think about the impending 5th birthday of my Abby and what kind of celebration we’re going to have. The only thing she talks about doing when she grows up is having a baby. I hope it doesn’t happen too soon.


  6. I wish I knew how to slow down time, but can’t help you there. That’s super about your daughter being so sure of what she wants to do. I hope she gets it.


  7. that’s pretty outstanding. glad she hasn’t yet lost focus. i hope she gets into the school and continues to follow such dreams….. even if those dreams one day change.


  8. That’s great about your daughter. My son keeps telling me he wants to be a *cooker* aka as chef. I encourage him to cook with me.
    Good luck to her and you with her growing up! It’s such a bittersweet thing!


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