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Movie Choices

We're going to the movies this weekend.

Seeing how I am over forty you'd think I'd be going to see Clint Eastwood's chilling child-swap drama, Changeling. It got decent reviews in my town's newspaper.

But I'm not.

I can't because I'm a wimp. Any story about losing a child makes me break out in hives.

Much as I sometimes want to give my kids away, the whole idea of them going missing makes me want to curl up into a little ball of jelly in the corner somewhere. Yep, can't even think about it.

So, like the stupid good Mom of an eight year old that I am, we've got tickets instead to see High School Musical 3. Yep, we got tickets.

Now, can someone tell me what that's all about? It's a kid's movie for gosh darn sake and I needed to get tickets? The only way I can explain it is that us going, us as in a family, has made my youngest daughter VERY happy. 

So, I'm taking in the feel good movie this Sunday and I'll probably be walking out of the theater singing Disney songs and cursing the amount of Disney crap stuff my daughter will want with this movie's logo attached to it for Christmas.

Sigh. I need to toughen up.

12 thoughts on “Movie Choices

  1. Hubby doesn’t like me to see shows or movies with kids getting hurt or lost because I am a basket case for awhile after…although I want to see Clint’s new movie too. It’s based on a true story, right? Maybe I should check out the facts first…
    And we are going to see HSM3 soon too. I have to admit, I like the movies. Troy’s a cutie 😉


  2. We were planning a movie for tomorrow as well. But we’ll probably wimp out and rent a dvd instead like we always do. Then because we can’t find a movie we like we’ll rent a tv show that we haven’t seen. HSM? I don’t know anything about it, but I bet I would love it.


  3. I this HSM is cute and fun. My oldest thinks it’s lame and my youngest somehow doesn’t know it exists!
    Have fun! 🙂 At least it is a fun, feel-good movie that you’re going to with the family. Together. 🙂


  4. We were just waiting for the 3rd installment od HSM, but my in-laws decided to stage a surprise visit on the day the movie opened. The girlies are hoping we can go tomorrow though since Suburbia ISD is out of school. I admit that I not-so-secretly love singing along with my girls to the assorted Disney Pop just because their delight is so much fun.


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