Don’t you wish you were me?

My girlfriend Dee and I met for lunch today.

And then what did we do?

After lunch we went to the dump.

Yep, the dump.

I bet you wish you were my girlfriend.

Actually we had our reasons. This week is 'E-Waste Amnesty Week' for our area so we filled up Dee's rather large truck with assorted old computer monitors, CPU's and printers and responsibly got rid of them – for free.

Trust me, we tried the charities and schools in our area, this stuff was so old we couldn't even give it away.

After the dump?

Well then we went and looked at hardwood flooring as I need to pick some out for my renovation.

What can I tell you? We're just a couple of wild and crazy gals.

The worst part?

We were both actually very impressed with how well the 'municipal waste' people were organized. They unloaded all our stuff and got us in and out of the landfill site lickety split. 

Scary what impresses us.

Sad too. Really sad.


8 thoughts on “Don’t you wish you were me?

  1. I have a nice date planned with hubby for the dump this saturday!! It should be really romantic 🙂 Isn’t it weird how much trash you move when you move? I think at least a third of the boxes we moved shouls have gone straight to the dump!!!


  2. I have to admit, I have never been to the dump in my town. I have friends who love it (is it odd to love the dump?), but it used to give me the heebie jeebies when I was growing up. I just never got over it.


  3. At that moment, I do wish I were you – you have a true friendship and it doesn’t matter where you go or what you do, it’s just spending time with each other that makes you happy. I miss not having that at my disposal.


  4. Ugh, your dump needs to call my dump and give them some pointers. I *hate* going to our local dump because it’s … well, a dump! Just taking the recycling is a huge PITA. I have to pour all of our cans into a tiny little hole, and since I take it in, oh, once a month or so, it takes me fifty forevers.
    I just realized I’m not getting updates for your blog on my reader. ACK!


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