When the moon hits your eye

I've spent the last few days trying to get caught up on a number of things.

I think I'm sorted out now.

The house is tidier, the paper I had due at school yesterday is handed in, the renovations are set to start the week after next and, even with all this going on, the kids and hubby all seem to be still talking to me.

I think I've checked some of the boxes anyway.

The one thing I have let slide a little is the whole 'eating dinner' thing. I've been pressed for time lately and so we've been eating out a bit too much.

You know what? Eating out is expensive.

So, now that things are easing up I need to find a grocery store, plan a few dinners and actually find some time to cook a meal for my family.

The question is, what will I make?

I can think of lots of things to prepare and cook, unfortunately  someone in my family won't eat all the things I am dreaming up. And if that special someone (a different child each night) in my family doesn't like what I make for dinner then I get to listen to them complain.

Sigh. I get tired of being complained at.

Except pizza -  no one around here complains about pizza for dinner.

But, in my opinion pizza is the food you eat when you don't have time to make food. If I make pizza when I have time to cook then what will I order when I don't have time to make anything?

So, I'm thinking chicken, tacos and um, lasagna instead.

Hello, kids? Deal with it. 

Let the complaining begin.

6 thoughts on “When the moon hits your eye

  1. You know what I made last night? Baked salmon (in tinfoil) with wine sauce, herbs and lemon. And, I cut up potoatoes for a cross of fries/roasted potatoes with garlic, salt, olive oil and paprika. I threw on some frozen mixed veggies for good luck. I LOVED it b/c I just love salmon and even though DH hates fish, he ate it, too. My son LOVED it (yah!) but little girlie was not impressed. It was easy, reasonably priced and healthy. Work for you?
    Congrats on all of your accomplishments this week, TiredMama!


  2. I love pizza but I must agree! That’s the back-up plan. I love making tacos and my family loves it,..but technically that’s only my husband and I because my son is only 11 months and doesn’t talk YET,…but soon the complaining will begin here too,…


  3. Ugh, I hate the complaining. It’s the worst thing about cooking. And now? They have the nerve to tell me that so-and-so’s mom makes that and they love it. Sometimes I wanna smack them.


  4. The complaining makes me crazy. Now that the assorted precious children are getting older, I have them cooking. For example, the child who will not eat cheese (except on pizza and cheeseburgers) will make homemade macaroni and cheese. She will then gobble it up along with her cheese-loving siblings. It’s beautiful.


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