It’s back

I've posted about this before.

My family has a strange recurring disease that I'm not sure how to cure. Its technical name is ' walk-in-the-house-and-drop-everything-wherever-you-want-itis'. I'm not sure how that translates into Latin.

Just as a warning to my new blogging friends I thought I would point out some of the symptoms so that you can watch for it in your own abode.

The first symptom is a messy house. Everything is everywhere and nothing is where it belongs.

The second symptom is that no one can find anything, and often children will accuse another family member of stealing, taking or moving some of their things. When this symptom goes to the extreme it can result in tears, temper tantrums and severe melt-downs.

The third symptom is that the door to EVERY room becomes blocked with crap stuff. Stuff that has just been dropped there and then left to, oh I don't know – rot maybe? Be eaten by the cat? Or (shudder) be picked up and put away by the maid Mom?

The final symptom, and perhaps the most scary, is that the female parental unit's (in some cases I understand it could be the male's) face suddenly turns purple, steam starts to come out of their ears and then the yelling starts. At this stage the children will usually scatter to the far corners of the house, only to emerge much later to quietly put a few things away. They won't tidy up EVERYTHING but just enough to calm the purple parent down to a more attractive shade of red and reduce the yelling to muttering.

I'm finding that this disease keeps reoccurring at my house with alarming frequency.

And this time around? It's honestly driving me CRAZY.

Anyone know of a vaccine? A purple face is not my best look.

15 thoughts on “It’s back

  1. I love the descriptiveness in this post. You had me laughing and imagining myself in the same situation. I just threaten with a garbage bag and the sound of it rustling gets my boys up and cleaning. Give it a try sometime.


  2. I’m sorry to inform you that currently, there is no known cure for walk-in-the-house-and-drop-everything-wherever-you-want-itis’. It tends to strike exhausted moms and once it hits, it stays. In fact, it only gets worse. Your only hope is sending your kids to college or boarding school if you can’t wait ’til then (the disease follows each carrier) or marrying them off.
    By the way, purple is in this season, according to In Style magazine.
    Good luck!


  3. It’s obviously a genetic defect since it started with the father and trickled down into our kid. At least in my case.
    Good luck finding a cure. I’ll be happy to donate to the cause.


  4. oh, you figured it out! i have been trying to figure out what we had and reading the symptoms here helped me so much! now that i know what we have i just have to figure out a cure!


  5. ha.
    loved the post. is this what i have to look forward to?
    luckily, the bean is only 3 mos. old; so all the crap laying around isn’t “necessarily” her fault.
    hmmmm, a vaccine-
    how bout a trashcan to deal w/ the symptoms until a cure is found? ha.


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