It’s dark and scary in there

The family that owned our home before us had the master bathroom redone in grey.

Yep, and they used lots and lots of dark grey tile in it.

It's um, kinda dark.

The small shower in this bathroom is especially dark. It's kinda like a small cave.

It hasn't been too bad up until now as there is a light in the shower. A few days ago however the light went out. I assumed the bulb had burnt out. 

So, this morning I got a new bulb but when I went in the shower to change the light bulb I got a small electrical shock.

This shock hurt and now I'm afraid to use that shower because I'm thinking water mixing with this electrical lighting problem could um, KILL ME.


I guess I'm gonna smell for a few days until I figure this out.

Sorry, everyone.

6 thoughts on “It’s dark and scary in there

  1. “the cave” could be deemed unsafe, and since you’re going to have renovation experts in the house anyway….maybe you should go look at new (not dark grey) ceramic tiles for the shower. What do you think?


  2. My youngest daughter would applaud the use of any shade of grey, but I must admit I do not share her aesthetic. I can certainly understand why you would avoid that the shower until it is checked. Yikes!


  3. Aw, man. My hubby is an electrician and trust me, if we were closer than “virtual” neighbors, I’d send him over there tonight to fix you up. Sorry. House repair stuff is # 5467 on my list of Reasons Why It Isn’t So Fun To Be A Grown Up.


  4. I will try not to be offended since my bathroom is done in dark gray slate tile (including the shower) :). I like it because it is natural looking. it sounds like a wire may be frayed. You might want to turn off the power to that light (maybe even at the fuse box). You might be able to replace the fixture with something from an inexpensive home improvement store.


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