Today is my 'let's get caught up' day.

I need to vacuum the main floor of the house, get groceries, pick up a gift, take the cat to the vet, pick out flooring for the renovation and do all the silly little stuff that needs to get done in a day but no one does in my family but me.

I'm okay with this, I guess.

I mean at times I resent it but I'm the one with the flexible schedule so I guess it makes sense that I do it.

I've also left my basement in a heck of a mess. I need to get down there and finish the 'purging' I started yesterday. There are also these assignments sitting here on my desk that I've got deadlines coming up for – I should get on those too.

I don't want to do any of it.

I wonder what happened to the important stuff I used to do? I mean, is this my life? Surely my time would be better spent saving the world from poverty or feeding the hungry or something.

I need to get some motivation, and coffee just isn't doing it today.

I need to exercise and eat better – but here I am at my computer.

I think I'll go for a run.

I'll let you know if I decide to come back.

6 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. All the stuff you do is important. Look at it on a smaller scale, you’re feeding your family, creating a beautiful home, nurturing children, all of those amazing things. I feel the same way sometimes even though the demands on me are different from yours. The real problem may be that the days are starting to feel short and our to-do lists are too long.
    Have a great run.


  2. I had a good friend tell me that a mom’s job is to take care of her kids, make sure they’re happy and fed, ensure their health, and create a good environment for them to live. Everything else is just extra. After hearing that, I realized that my house doesn’t have to be spotless to be clean. I don’t need rock-hard abs to be in shape and healthy. I don’t have to join the Peace Corps to make a difference in the world.
    I still struggle with “keeping up” on a daily basis, but I’m learning. πŸ™‚
    Anyway, thank you for voting for our picture at 5 Minutes for Mom. I (and Emma) really appreciate it!!


  3. This is the way I feel today! Only I have a clingy and weepy 2 year old under foot. He won’t let me do anything and so I am not (not that I have much motivation to do it anyway). He is now crying himself to sleep and I should be cleaning…yet I am reading your blog instead πŸ˜‰ Oh well…I will get there!!


  4. Sheesh. I hear you. Sometimes I feel valued and important when my kids are asking me questions, wanting to play and needing my attention. Other times I’m like: hey, where did my life go? A friend just went to Paris for six weeks by herself (she’s single) and my excitement is going out for coffee with a friend. How life changes!


  5. Procrastination, why is that a bad thing? Does it really matter when the purging happens? Isn’t your feeling of balance what is important and if you need to run, or drink coffee, or think about the “important” things that the world needs now, then go for it. The world will continue to go round. Ah, my personal philosophy has enabled me to feel good about procrastination. Now that was a good use of my time.


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