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Stand back. Tired Mama’s throwing that pie.

I am baking pies.

I am actually not a bad pie maker. I can't cook all that well but I can bake.

So for Thanksgiving dinner this weekend I am putting together two large apple crumbles and two over sized pumpkin pies to take over to my family get together at my sisters.

Sounds good, right?

Why is it then that everyone wants to know where the chocolate is?

Um, listen up family! It's apple season here so I am making apple crumble. It's also Thanksgiving, so I am making pumpkin pie too.

I will also bring cheese, ice cream and whipping cream on Sunday. There are seventeen of us getting together; wouldn't you think that this is enough?

But noooo. My family is complaining. They want chocolate.

It isn't my kids who are whining either – it's my siblings.

My brothers and sisters are all over forty and they are whining about the fact that I'm not making a chocolate desert for Thanksgiving dinner. They are whining to my MOTHER too.

What the heck? Are we all four flippin' years old again?


Anyone ever made a chocolate pumpkin pie?

11 thoughts on “Stand back. Tired Mama’s throwing that pie.

  1. Bring along a can of chocolate whipped cream! LOL! Never thought of chocolate and pumpkin together…
    Good luck. I just love the attitudes that shine through from just about everyone during the “holiday season.” Ugh.


  2. Oh, silly family. It’s apple crisp! And pumpkin pie! Who can complain about such things? I mean, I love chocolate as much as the next guy, but it’s Thanksgiving…ya gotta have apples and pumpkin.


  3. your pies sound awesome!
    it wasn’t till i met the Mr. and had t’giving w/ his fam that i ever got chocolate pie.
    now it’s a fantastic tradition! but my god!
    if they want chocolate- why can’t they make it? hmmmmmmm?


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