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That is the song my daughter is playing on the piano right now.

She is playing it well. She is playing it loudly. She is playing it REPEATEDLY.

I suppose I should be happy as she is practicing the piano and I didn't have to badger her about it.


I can only listen to B I N G O being plunked out on the piano at full volume so many times.

If I have to listen to her play it one more time I just might scream.

You've been warned.

8 thoughts on “Enough.

  1. It could be worse, right? She could be playing it repeatedly and badly!
    Hahahaa…I sympathize totally. Alex plays the alto saxophone…and to play it right, it is really loud too.


  2. I feel for you. Now that Taylor started trumpet he has mastered ‘Jingle Bells’ and plays it constantly. See, even he is getting geared up for Christmas early. Ugh!


  3. Here’s my advice:
    While she does this, play a little game with yourself and try to come up with a different verse every time for bingo. Or, try and think of me and the fact that my husband won a Wii in a $5 bingo game last weekend (yeah, I think the mileage on this story is running out very quickly 😉


  4. Oh my poor Mom had to endure this for many years — after the beginning piano, it was the memorization of songs that really got her annoyed, because I am the type of person that needs to memorize one bar at a time. Needless to say, they finally bought me a Kurzweil electric piano so that I could use headphones while practicing. 🙂


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