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For some insane reason I let my kids talk me into looking at the 'Adoption Rescue' kittens that are up for adoption at our local pet store today.

The store had eight tiny little balls of fluff up for adoption. These little guys had been dumped in our local Whole Foods dumpster and are now looking for a better home. Yep, some idiot decided to dump SIXTEEN six to seven week old kittens in a dumpster. Thank goodness someone heard their cries and dug them out.

These kittens are now looking for homes and I must say I'm tempted to get our own eighteen month old cat a buddy.

My resolve to have no more pets (right now) gave way yesterday when we found that one of the kittens was a small male silver tabby  - an almost identical match in looks and, as far as I could tell, personality to our own current loveable cat.

This tiny guy was too cute for words and he was crying out that he needed us.

What stopped us?

The kittens had to be adopted in pairs.

Two cats I could maybe convince my hubby to house.


That would require serious uh, persuading. I might even have to do something like this. (Yes, I've been wondering how to work this story into my family 'E' rated blog for a while now.)

We came home without a kitten.

I love my husband, but honestly? I don't think I'm up for this type of persuasion technique.

8 thoughts on “Kittens

  1. [cue porno music]…Ironically, I think my husband would react the way Charla’s initally did! (;
    Here’s a not so nice kitten story: we adopted a sad little kitty a few years ago to have and to hold and to share the crib with our older cat. Well, this tiny creature turned out to be quite batty wreaking havoc on everything and everyone. Apparently she was taken from her mama too early.
    When our oldest was a baby, kitty ended up freaking out and scratching him badly. That was the end o’ kitty at our home. ): Off to the Humane Society she went.


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