It’s almost time for turkey!

Thanksgiving is coming.

In Canada Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday in October - that would be a week from today.

My sister is hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house this year so I'm off the hook for that. My kids are also off from school this Friday and next Monday so we have a four day weekend coming up.


It looks like I might get to sleep in one day next weekend AND someone else is cooking me a hot meal AND cleaning up after it's done too.

I am very happy about all of these things.

I'm starting to think that Thanksgiving just might be my favorite holiday of the year.

8 thoughts on “It’s almost time for turkey!

  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite!! Yummy food and family togetherness but none of the materialness of Christmas 🙂
    I think I like the idea of duel citenship so I can celebreate twice!!


  2. Am I officially the stoopidest person on Earth for not knowing that Canada had a Thanksgiving? We had German friends and Japanese friends who didn’t celebrate so I was under the delusion that only America did.


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