Being Female

I’m gonna vote

I watched the debate tonight.

The Canadian one.

Yes, in twelve days Canadians will go the polls to vote for our next Prime Minister.

I'm trying to figure out who to vote for. I will vote, I'm just not sure for who yet.

I watched the entire debate tonight but it didn't help me much. Actually it muddled me more, so now I've got to go on-line and do some more reading about the five three different options.

Yeah me.

While I was watching the five candidates talk however I really, really wanted to flip over to the Palin/Biden debate and see how that was going.

I'm not American. I can't vote in that election.

Sarah Palin fascinates me however and I have no idea why. Maybe it's because my son plays hockey? More likely it's because she's a Mom struggling to succeed in a man's world.

We have a woman running for office up here too.

Her name is Elizabeth May and she's running for the Canadian 'Green Party'. The name says it all. Now, I don't believe that she will be the next Canadian Prime Minister – Canadians aren't ready for that yet, but I still want to find out more about her and her platform. 

Am I interested in what May and Palin have to say because they're women?


Would I vote for them based on their gender?


I don't agree with everything I've heard Palin and May saying but I can tell you I really admire them for getting out there and running for office and I admire them enough to listen closely to what they have to say.

You go ladies, and may the best person win.

8 thoughts on “I’m gonna vote

  1. We’re not Facebook friends but there was a really loooong thread in my comments field about the debate happening. I watched about 75% American and 25% Cdn debates last night and enjoyed ’em both. I think May seems very intelligent but angry and Palin is cute, smart and savvy but not experienced enough to lead.


  2. Cool politicos…..I watched the French debate and most of the English debate last night. I am very impressed by Elizabeth May, smart, articulate, has her facts and numbers down. She’s not a one show pony as everyone has made her out to be. She rocks in a frumpy sort of way. Harper made me mad, he was patronizing, ignorant and devoid of anything meaningful. I wasn’t sure why he was there, he really added nothing to the debate, except to tell Dion he had panicked. No platform, no plan. Jack is Jack and Gilles is Gilles. As much as I am not a fan of Dion he clearly has passion, has thought through what he wants to do, you have to admire that. He’s clearly a fighter and depite what everyone says he has a plan.
    I’m still voting for the Pink Flamingo Party !


  3. It is pretty clear in our house where our vote will go. We are not undecided. We are voting for arts and culture which means that you know who we are NOT voting for.


  4. I thought Palin did a decent job last night, all things considered. I don’t think the debate changed anyone’s mind though. People see and hear what they WANT to see and hear.


  5. I watched the debates too, and now I feel exactly as you do — confused! I’m sure I do not want to vote Conservative, but of the others, I can’t tell which is the best (or, least worst) option.
    I also found Harper to be condescending — I thought he didn’t say anything useful at all. I was very surprised when I looked online for some “expert” commentary and found plenty of pro-Harper people out there. Almsot every major Canadian news agency said he won the debate, and now predict a Conservative majority on the strength of his performance. Were they watching the same debate as I was? Or are they just all Conservative nuts who are hoping to sway public opinion? Hm.


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