I am soooo out of shape

I have a new friend. (Yes Moms, I know this makes you proud.)

My new friend is very nice and I like to spend time with her.

This new friend of mine moved here from the USA last March and we've bonded over lunches where we've spent many hours lamenting the lack of Target and Kohl's stores up here.

Today however this friend and I went to the gym.

This new friend of mine is in great shape and has even written tests and stuff to become a personal trainer.

Me? Great shape?

Not so much.

My back side is aching tonight.

Explain to me again, why is it a good idea to do lunges with weights?

I can't wait to see how I feel tomorrow.

If I don't post for a few days it's because I can't move.

Exercise is good for me, right?


8 thoughts on “I am soooo out of shape

  1. I hear red wine cures the lactic acid that builds up in sore muscles. Malolactic fermentation. Actually if you take an aspirin before you work out it cuts the lactic acid in your muscles. Its the lactic acid that cuases the pain.


  2. Hi Loyal Commenter.
    You look great in the profile pic posted on here and I bet you look just lovely IRL, too.
    Do you watch X-Weighted? I LOVE that show and it’s pretty motivating to boot.
    BTW, we DID go to Hamilton for the New Year festivities and had a good time. Thanks.


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