Musical Auditions

My son and daughter both decided to try out for leads in their school musical this year.

Will they get a lead?

I'm not sure.

They did however practice hard and, be still my heart, they practiced together.

Now my older two children don't tend to do a lot of things together unless they are forced into it with a family project or trip. All my kids get along okay, they just have very different interests.

But this weekend, to prepare for the auditions, they helped each other, they laughed together and when they had to hug for one scene – they did that too.

I know the show will be amazing even if my kids don't get a lead, but you know what?

No show will ever compare to the performance my kids put on for me this weekend.

It was magical to see them working together.

These are the moments when I think my heart will burst it's so full of love for them.


Remind me of these minutes the next time they're making my head spin around in frustration, okay?

6 thoughts on “Musical Auditions

  1. Ain’t it the truth? I loveloveLOVE when my two oldest get along (it’s about 50/50 but they’re still young). I watch them and wish for them to be good buddies forever (I can wish, can’t I??)


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