Hair Cut Remorse?

My youngest daughter wants to get her hair cut.

She actually has made the request to have her hair all shaved off, like her brother did this summer for 'wilderness' camp.

Her reasoning is that if she gets it cut really short then I won't bother her about brushing it any more.

She does have a point. My son's hair was so short this summer that I couldn't bug him about keeping it neat, there simply wasn't enough of it.

But on my daughter?

I think not.

I am however thinking of taking her to my hair-dresser and letting her get a cute 'bob' cut with bangs.

But I must admit I'm reluctant. She lives in an eight year old world of Hannah Montana 'wanna be's'. Just about all her buddies have that messy scraggly shoulder length hair 'look'.

She wants to be different.


I'm worried about tomorrow.

Is eight years old too young to agonize over radical hair cut choices? Can an eight year old have hair cut remorse?

I think I'm about to find out – the hard way. 

11 thoughts on “Hair Cut Remorse?

  1. Good luck with the hair transformation. When I was around that age I begged my mom for a perm in my shoulder length hair. (What was I thinking?) At first when it was done, I cried – it was Lynette transformed into Little Orphan Annie – just a sad sight. But it soon relaxed (after lots of hairspray and brushing) and I loved the new look. I hope it all goes well. Keep us posted (with pictures!).


  2. My mother NEVER EVER let me get my hair cut. She wanted it long. I hated it. The day I graduated from high school, got it all chopped off and it has been short every since.


  3. I remember begging my mom to let me cut my hair. I had the worst bowl cut you have ever seen, seriously it was awful!!!! When I was 9 or 10 she finally let me grow it out. It is hard to decide when it is time to let them do their own thing. Good Luck and don’t worry it is only hair — it grows back.


  4. the first haircut i ever had was when i was 10. it went from about my butt to my ears.
    that was also the year i started my “ugly” phase…. coincidence?
    all i know is:
    i was cute when i was little!
    good luck


  5. I have such mixed feelings about my daughter getting a drastic hair cut when she was younger. Now, though, I realize that it is just hair. It will grow back.
    Though, I agree, a little longer than a shave job. lol. Maybe some stylish new style bob that she chooses, but you have approval? Good luck!


  6. I don’t know what she looks like but what about a cute pixie cut? I’ve had my hair that way for a while (growing it finally) and it’s trendy, easy to take care of, fashionable and quick.


  7. Hey, find out if you can donate her locks to a charity that makes wigs for children… then she won’t regret cutting it when she knows she has done it for a good cause….\


  8. Shave it off? No way. You’ll both cry buckets of tears.
    Cut it? Absolutely. As mentioned above, it’s her hair, and it is ONLY hair and it will grow back.
    If she’s anything like I was, you’ll have years and years of hair turmoil, might as well let her have at it now.
    Good luck!


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